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About Jenny

“Since childhood, from as far back as I can remember, I used to draw my own artwork with pencils and paper. But now as an artist, I have developed my skills to be able to draw on skin as if it were a canvas, being creative wherever I could.

Working from home I continued to improve drastically and as tattooing has been a long time interest of mine, I decided to get serious and focus all of my energy into becoming a tattoo artist.

This, I feel, was the best decision I could have ever made. I was inspired by the work of other artists such as Paul Booth and Tony Cohen. These artists proved to be great role models for myself and the quality of my work.

I strive to make a name for myself by creating tattoos that are far derived from the norm. I don’t pay too much attention to other tattoo artists, as I am creating a style of my own.

I believe in personal decoration as far as tattoos are concerned, but jewelry is equally as important.”

In Loving Memory

Unfortunately Jenny passed away in 2013, but she left the legacy of Jenny’s Tattoos to her daughter and son, Monique and Ruvan, respectively.

Jenny extended her talent and abilities to such an extent that she also did permanent make-up and paramedical tattooing. She also did the piercings.

During that time Monique and Ruvan started tattooing, with the help of Jenny, their talents grew expressively. Monique and Ruvan took over the tattooing, while Jenny only did the permanent make-up and paramedical tattooing.

Withstanding the Test of Time

Today, Jenny’s Tattoos and Body Piercing still stands proud. Delivering increasingly fabulous quality in all of the sectors and services offered to each unique client that walks through the door.

Operating Hours

We are always closed on a Monday.

The rest of the time, we are open when we are open and closed when we are closed. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for notifications as to when we will be closed on a Sunday specifically.

Alternatively, contact us to make sure we can assist you before you come through to the studio.